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Plastic Surgery Consultations

Give Your Eyes a ‘Lift’

Our bodies change as we age, we have looser skin, we see more wrinkles, we aren’t as nimble, our eyesight isn’t as strong…the list goes on. The problems we see on the outside are sometimes the most troubling to us as we may still feel young on the inside. Blepharatosis, or eyelid drooping, is a […]

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Plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon?

You probably hear the words plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon used interchangeably by your peers, the media, and in advertisements. However, the meaning behind the designations are completely different. Plastic Surgeon According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), a board certified plastic surgeon is a medical doctor who has completed at least five […]

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Will a "Mommy Makeover" be your Push Present?

More and more, women are discovering that they can reclaim confidence after pregnancy and childbirth changed their bodies. Whether it is loose skin and muscles of the tummy or volume loss or drooping of the breasts, many moms in Minnesota are electing plastic surgery to help them look as good on the outside as they […]

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How much will you pay for your “Boob Job”?

One of the most common questions we get asked from prospective patients is: “How much does a boob job cost?” Here’s a funny little observation about Dr. Ness – he won’t ever refer to a breast by using the word “boob.” We have consulted with hundreds of women about breast augmentation surgery and when we schedule […]

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Improving You in the New Year

As 2011 comes to an end, let’s all take a pause and reflect on what the past year has been. What we’ve learned and what we have achieved. What is ahead?  How do you plan on improving yourself? How can we help you improve? This was a year of much success here at Ness Plastic […]

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Your first visit to a Plastic Surgery clinic

A first visit to a plastic surgeon’s clinic for a cosmetic procedure can elicit a variety of emotional responses.  For patients seeking facial consults, there is often a feeling of “I know I shouldn’t be so vain, but this has been bothering me for so long.”  When patients are looking for surgical procedures that require […]

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