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Skin Care

Clear Skin FAQs:

Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions, on one of the most popular skin care services!   What is IPL? IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light and is a technology similar to laser. Instead of using one wavelength, like a laser, it uses another light in front to filter out most wavelengths, but […]

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Skin Cancer Awareness

As the sun begins to shine and the weather feels warmer, we’re often times excited to get outside and start enjoying it, especially in Minnesota! May is Skin Cancer Awareness month, so before you break out the bikini, stop to educate yourself on a few sun facts that will help to keep you healthy and […]

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The Spring "Break" Down On Sunscreen

Spring Break is upon us, and if you are from the good ole’ midwest, this will probably be your first encounter with sunshine this year! So naturally, you head to the nearest Target or drugstore to pick up the essentials, sunscreen being one of them, but beware because not all sunscreens are what they seem. […]

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Can you shrink pore size?

 We hear concerns from both men and women on the size of the pores of their face, especially of the nose and forehead. They are looking for the latest treatment or product to shrink their pores. The Skinny on Pores Pores are hair follicles, each of which contain a sebaceous gland that produces oil. Oil […]

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Does anyone get facials anymore?

In the age of lasers and everything high tech in the beauty world why would anyone do an old fashioned facial? What are the benefits of lying under steam and getting a massage except for the relaxation? In France, monthly facials are still a regular part of life. So what do French women know that […]

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Help for Your Skin in the Winter

Does your skin feel dull and lifeless after the first couple months of winter?  Short days, holiday eating and late night festivities can do a number on your complexion.  Don’t feel bad – you’re not alone! Winter is a great time to take positive action towards healthy skin by introducing a new vitamin boost treatment […]

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