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Can you shrink pore size?

 We hear concerns from both men and women on the size of the pores of their face, especially of the nose and forehead. They are looking for the latest treatment or product to shrink their pores. The Skinny on Pores Pores are hair follicles, each of which contain a sebaceous gland that produces oil. Oil […]

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Filler Gone Wrong

Have you ever seen those pictures of women with huge lips, the kind out of cartoons or a man or woman with a face that looks void of any lines or wrinkles? These people are most likely under the influence of too much filler, giving a bad name to those of us who experience the […]

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Help for Your Skin in the Winter

Does your skin feel dull and lifeless after the first couple months of winter?  Short days, holiday eating and late night festivities can do a number on your complexion.  Don’t feel bad – you’re not alone! Winter is a great time to take positive action towards healthy skin by introducing a new vitamin boost treatment […]

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Give Your Eyes a ‘Lift’

Our bodies change as we age, we have looser skin, we see more wrinkles, we aren’t as nimble, our eyesight isn’t as strong…the list goes on. The problems we see on the outside are sometimes the most troubling to us as we may still feel young on the inside. Blepharatosis, or eyelid drooping, is a […]

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Facelift Options

Many women and men begin to notice signs of facial aging in their late thirties and early forties. While a full facelift to tighten sagging skin and address deeper skin folds and wrinkles may not be appropriate for the middle-aged patient, there are plastic surgery procedure alternatives that can offer a dramatic and age-appropriate result. […]

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Protect your skin from invading Free Radicals

It’s funny how words and expressions creep into our lexicon but sometimes we’re not really even sure what they mean.  Maybe that’s the case with “Free Radicals.” A free radical is an atom with at least one unpaired electron.  Because it’s unpaired, it’s unstable and also highly charged, and it’s looking for another electron to […]

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