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Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty)

Many women desire a tummy tuck after having lost weight, post pregnancy and even to correct loose skin of the abdomen due to aging. For patients who have an excess of abdominal skin and loose abdominal muscles, an abdominoplasty may be a great choice.



Tummy Tuck Consultation

During the initial consultation Dr. Ness will evaluate your medical history and determine if a tummy tuck would be an appropriate surgery for you. Dr. Ness and his nurse will take the time to educate you about abdominal contouring surgery and welcome all of your questions about the surgery, our practice, and recovery after your abdominoplasty surgery.

Dr. Ness will carefully mark where the incisions will be made and address any other areas of the abdomen and hips that you may desire to have contoured with liposuction to remove excess fatty tissue.


Tummy Tuck Surgery

Individual differences in skin elasticity and muscle tone are important factors in determining if you will benefit from a tummy tuck. Dr. Ness will not only remove excess skin and fatty tissue, but will also tighten the loose muscle of the abdominal wall.

Surgical scars will be carefully placed so that they can be hidden behind undergarments and bikini bottoms. Although these scars will not disappear, many patients notice they fade considerably and remain discreet. Another benefit of a tummy tuck is the removal of stretch marks. Dr. Ness will take care to address stretch marks and realistic results and expectations during the consultation and preoperative phase of the tummy tuck procedure. Depending upon the extent of the required procedure, an inpatient or outpatient approach may be appropriate and a general anesthetic is required.


Recovery after a Tummy Tuck

Following your abdominal contouring surgery, you will be cared for by the nursing staff in the recovery room. When you are fully awake and comfortable, you will be released to the care of a family member or friend with a list of after-care instructions. There will be guidelines for after-care including lifting restrictions and limited exercise. Postoperatively, you must refrain from strenuous activity for up to six weeks and wear an elastic support garment for two to three weeks.

We will schedule post operative follow up appointments in one of our Minneapolis metro area or St. Cloud, Minnesota clinics for the day after your surgery and periodically throughout the next 4-6 weeks.


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