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Gender Confirming Body Contouring

Hormone therapy can help to redistribute body fat to create a more feminine figure, but for many patients the changes achieved are minimal.  For other patients hormone therapy may not be an option because of side effects, medical contraindications, or personal choice. It also depends on your starting point – some patients see significant changes with hormone therapy and still feel that they have a masculine physique.  No matter what the reason, body contouring can offer a way to achieve the desired feminine features. For most patients, their own body fat is redistributed with liposuction to full areas and fat grafting where more volume is desired. This combination can create much more dramatic changes than either just liposuction or fat grafting alone.  Often fat is removed from the midsection to define and raise the waist and is grafted back into the outer thighs and buttocks to create fuller, rounded contours. In some patients body contouring implants may be an option, and in patients with skin excess this is removed with a tummy tuck or other procedure. An in-depth consult with your surgeon will help you to determine which options are best for you, because each plan is individualized for each patient.  

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