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Gender Confirming Breast Augmentation

Hormone therapy can induce the growth of significant breast tissue in some patients, but in others the changes can be disappointing.  Breast augmentation can help those patients achieve more feminine features. Most commonly breast augmentation is performed with implants, but it can be done with fat grafting in select patients who desire a less significant increase in volume.  There are some unique factors that must consider with breast augmentation for transgender women. Testosterone can cause significant alteration of muscle mass, nipple location, and body fat. The timing of the initiation of hormone therapy, whether or not hormone blockers were used, and hormone dosing can all affect how significant those alterations are.  Implant type, implant location relative to the nipple, and where the implant is placed relative to the muscle all have to discussed with adjusted for to get the best results possible in transgender women in ways that are not typically required for cisgender women.  

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