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Facial Feminization surgery, FFS

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) or Gender Confirming Facial Surgery (GCFS) are terms that is used to refer to a series of procedures that correct the most common masculinizing features of a face. Exactly what procedures this includes will vary from one patient to another, but there are several core procedures that are most often included. In reality, most cosmetic procedures are aimed at creating a softer, brighter, smoother, more symmetric face, and so could be considered feminizing. FFS can be a gender confirming procedure for transgender patients, but any face with excessively masculine features can be transformed by these surgeries. For instance, men with a very pronounced brow often complain that they “caveman forehead” and others assume they are mean or aggressive. Women with a wide jaw often complain that their face appears square and they would prefer a more feminine lower face.

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