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Adam’s Apple Reduction, Thyroid Cartilage Reduction, Tracheal Shave

Testosterone makes the thyroid cartilage grow more prominent.  When we see an “adam’s apple” we are really seeing the most prominent part of the thyroid cartilage under the skin of the neck.  The thyroid cartilage helps to protect our airway and vocal cords and can’t be removed completely, but the most prominent part can be significantly reduced making a neck look much more feminine.  

How is tracheal shave or thyroid cartilage reduction performed?

A small incision is made in the skin under your chin, not on the front of your neck, so that the small scar is hidden from view.  Through that incision the excess cartilage can be carefully removed. A small camera is driven down through your mouth to confirm the location of your vocal cords during the procedure.  This makes the procedure both safer and allows your surgeon to remove the maximum amount of cartilage.  

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