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Feminizing Rhinoplasty, Reductive Rhinoplasty

The nose is the center of the face, and if it has masculine features it will make a strong contribution to gender perception.  Those features often include a large nasal tip, a hump, a downward rotation, or just overall size. 

Feminizing Rhinoplasty Consultation

At your consultation your surgeon will ask you to discuss your goals and point out the features of your nose that you would like to improve.  We will also go through your nasal history and determine if there are any functional issues with breathing or sinus infections. Our goal is always to make a nose that fits your face, and since no two faces are identical, no two rhinoplasties are the same.  Some rhinoplasties require more incisions than others. There can be a small incision on the bottom of the nose, incisions on the sides of the nostrils, or it may be possible to keep all of the incisions on the inside of the nose. Your surgeon will discuss the location of the incision, review the steps involved in the procedure, and explain the typical recovery.  Any possible complications will be explained. 

What is done in a feminizing rhinoplasty?

Your surgeon will review the plan with you again on the day of surgery.  These procedures typically require general anesthesia, and numbing medicine is placed in your nose so that you are more comfortable after surgery.  Small incisions are made inside the nose and in most patients the only visble incision through the skin is on the bottom of the columella – the part that divides the nostrils.  Most patients have some bone and cartilage removed to smooth any hump, refine and lift the nasal tip, and make the nose slightly smaller overall. We are always careful to make sure the nasal is at least as open and supported after surgery as it was before so that breathing isn’t compromised.  At the end of the procedure the incisions are closed with small dissolving stitches and a small cast is applied on top of the nose. 

How long does it take to recover from feminizing rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure, and after they have recovered patients go home the same day of surgery.  Discomfort after surgery varies, but most patients report pain and soreness for 3-4 days that is well controlled with medication.  The swelling from surgery and having the cast on their nose makes most patients very congested for a week and moderately congested for 2-3 weeks after the cast is removed.  Most patients can expect to develop obvious black eyes shortly after surgery. We send patients home with pain medicine, an anti inflammatory, a medication for nausea, and an antibiotic.  We have them follow up at one week after surgery to have their nasal cast removed.  

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