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Hairline Advancement With or Without Brow Lift

An elevated hairline can be surgically advanced as long as not further hair loss is expected.  Both transgender and cisgender women are good candidtates for this procedure. Temporal recession can be reduced and a hairline can be rounded as it is advanced, but deep temporal recession may only be partially imporvbed and may have to followed with some hair grafts to perfect the hairline.  

What is a hairline advancement consultation like?

Your surgeon will discuss you goals for a final hairline height and shape.  They will check your scalp laxity to see how much your hairline will be able to move to make sure they your goals are achievable.  They will review the expected recovery and the possible complications including numbness and possible temporary hair thinning, or shock loss.  Shock loss is most common with maximal hairline advancements and is typically temporary, but there is a small chance that it could be long lasting. 

What is a hairline advancement procedure like?

A hairline advancement requires a long incision along the length of the hairline.  This incision is irregular to help it blend in better over time, and a “trichophytic” technique is used so that new hairs will eventually grow back through the scar.  

How long does it take to recover from hairline advancement surgery?

The most significant aspect of recovery is the healing of the scar.  Initially the scar is very visible. For most patients it is bright pink to red, and will stay that way for several weeks.  After the first couple months new hairs will grow through the scar and it will become difficult to see, but this takes patience.  The incision also divides the nerves that provide sensation to the top of the head. The area above the scar will be very numb for months, but this slowly comes back.  A sensation of tingling or prickling is common, but rarely is it of a significant degree.  

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